Factors To Consider When Starting A Christmas Tree Lot


You can easily raise funds for your nonprofit organization with the help of a Christmas tree lot.Before you take the responsibility, there are numerous things to consider.

To begin with, determine whether there are enough funds set aside by your organization to start a Christmas tree lot. For you to cover for the cost of wholesale trees, lot and supplies, shipping, advertising expenses, and payroll, you will be required to have financing in place or cash on hand.If you will not be able to finance, then you may want to consider pre-selling the trees.Pre-selling eliminates a lot of obstacles of operating a Christmas tree lot.Instead, you make use of personalized, full-color flyers with prices listed for your own organization.It might be a lot of work to have an established tree lot.However, it might probably maximize your profits after you get the optimum number of trees you can sell.Normally, consulting the sales manager for your target tree grower will enable you to determine how much money, if any, that you may require to ensure that you have adequate christmas trees to sell. You may also get assistance on estimating the cost of shipping from the sales manager.

It is important to consider whether you have adequate employees to do the job when starting a Christmas tree lot. You may like to have some people involved in a tree lot committee, where specific duties like accounting, operation, and logistics may be taken up by a group of individuals. For instance, tasks such as unloading the truck, helping customers to load trees on their cars, and taking care of the trees may need people to carry them out. You require at least some workers at a time. Get more information about Christmas tree at this website https://www.britannica.com/plant/Christmas-tree.

The location of your lot is also something you should consider. Most of your advertising can be done by having a good location.Most school parking and church lots can make a very good location.Some decide to set up their tree lots in busier shopping area parking lots. Find out whether setting your tree lot will require permits and insurance.Whichever location you select, ensure that you have some kind of security, lighting, storage, water, garbage cans, and racks for leaning the tree up against.You will possibly want to rent a lighted sign to advertise what organization you represent and your hours of operation. After some time, it may be necessary to water the trees to keep them fresh.

You will come across many more things that you will need before starting a christmas tree farm. But, if your organization is willing to put more effort, the profits can be amazing.


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